27-29th Oct 2017 Sacred Sound Retreat

The second of four new Mini Sacred Sound Healing retreats held in Peebles in the heart of the Scottish Borders for autumn through to Spring 2018. From Friday evening until Sunday afternoon 4 guests can enjoy a delicious immersion in sound, ceremony, unity, creativity and healthy practices. Each session will take place in Casa Colibri, the special Soundsphere yurt, alongside a visit to a local sacred site.


The yurt is situated on the female leyline Elen which meets nearby with the masculine (ref Spine of Albion) and part of the aim of the weekend will be to connect with this energy. We will also be focussing on the element of Fire (linking with Samhain) and working with sounds to support the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, such as gong, tibetan bowls and voice.

Participants will experience their own healing journey through exploring playing and receiving these sounds, deepening their connection to and strengthening their creative fire element, and will leave with tools to.support their journey. Guests will also to make their own beautiful ceremonial candle ❤


*If there is space some sessions can be booked seperately. Please pm me for details.

Friday 6.00-9pm: Gathering together and Sound Journey. *Additional guests will join at 7pm

Saturday 10.30am-5pm: Fire Song, working with sounds to heal and strengthen your inner fire. Explore playing gongs, tibetan bowls and vocal tones.

Saturday: 7.30-10.00pm: Moon ceremony, candle making, prayers and an opportunity to share.

Sunday: 10.30am-5pm Continuing our fire sound weaving from Saturday and a visit into nature to connect with the leyline and support with our sounds (weather permitting)

This retreat is not tailored as a teaching workshop as such, more of a deep immersion into sound, and guests are invited with or without prior experience. Of course you will learn throughout, whether it be how to play special instruments, using your healing voice, or gaining deeper understanding and insight. All equipment will be provided unless you have some of your own instruments you’d like to bring.

Snacks and refreshments included, and guests are invited to bring veggie food to share

Accomodation is seperate and can be booked locally.

The series of 4 Sound Healing retreats are planned with each one focussing on a different element and linked seasonal time in the Celtic calendar:
15th-17rd Sept 2017 – Earth and Lughnassadh: Sound for Healing our bodies and Earth, Leylines and Energy Centres, Healthy Eating

27th-29th October 2017 – Fire and Samhain: Sound and Creativity, Candle making, Fire ceremonies

19th – 21st January 2018 – Air and Imbolc: Envisioning the future, Sound Meditations, Weaving

16-18th March 2018 – Water – Healing our Sacred waters and Emotions through Sound plus Planting our seeds

Each weekend costs £150. A £50 deposit is requested to confirm your place (this will be non-refundable unless I am able to fill your place). 

*Guests will need to provide their own accomodation (information can be provided) and Casa Colibri directions will be provided on booking. Please contact Suzy Nairn directly if you require any further information or would like to book a place.

Suzy Nairn hosts these wonderful retreats at her home in Peebles and each gathering takes place in her yurt “Casa Colibri” in her garden, a sacred place of deep healing. Suzy has a wealth of experience and training which she brings forward to offer a profound experience. Suzy is a qualified and professional Practitioner of Sound Therapy and has been studying and working in this area for over 10 years. She is the founder of Soundsphere Scotland, co-founder of the ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts, a graduate Priestess of The Moon and a Merlin Vortex Healer. Suzy has also studied reiki, singing, art and tantra and has a background in Environmental Education and Earth Healing events, as well as the candle maker in Dublin for 4 years on Grafton Street!

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