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ANSU Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound – Starts 1 April 2017

Many of you have experienced the power of sound, you’ve felt it, know how it can touch the hidden parts, and cleanse and nurture – is it something you would now like to share with others?

ANSU Certficate in Creative Therapeutic Sound – starting 1 April 2017This course has been specifically designed to empower you to work professionally with sound with groups of adults and children. Students are trained in techniques and skills to weave nurturing soundscapes, how to work with and support a group (either private, or a school or hospital etc.) as well as having a personal healing journey themselves.  Students will complete home instrument practice, explore a written research project on a topic of their choice, as well as deliver a case study Sound Journey and a final exam.

Druming weekend panorama

It’s a beautiful course and a transformational journey, plus we also offer optional Fire Cermonies on the Saturday evenings to support the whole experience. We aim to provide payment options to suit all situations and students can even do the course for as little as £35 a week (details on the application form). 

The application deadline is Tue 28 February ! Applications may be accepted after this date if there are still places available, and full details and an application form can be downloaded from the ANSU School of Sound website here We look forward to hearing from you x
Welcome and Bienvenidos to the new ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts! This new training school is the first in Scotland offering professional courses in …

Autumn/Winter 2016 Journeys and Workshops

20160401_190545Hi there, well it doesn’t need to be cold and lonely through autumn and winter as I have planned a lovely selection of sound journeys and events to keep you nourished and full of inner warmth!

For the sound journeys guests need to bring a mat, cosy blanket and cushion and reserve a place via email, find me on Facebook under “Suzy Nairn”, or contact me on for any further information or any questions x

See further info below the Diary Dates:
Fri 7 Oct
Edinburgh Sound Journey, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent, EH3 6NE. £15, 7.30pm start, £15 payable on door.
Fri 21 Oct
Edinburgh Sound Journey, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent, EH3 6NE, £15, 7.30pm start, £15 payable on door.
Thu 27 Oct
Peebles Sound Journey, Space108, 1A Greenside Place, Peebles, EH45 8JA
£15/£12 (discount for advance payment online – contact me for details)
Sun 30 Oct
Healing Your Voice Workshop, Peebles (see further info below), 
Space108, 1A Greenside Place, Peebles, EH45 8JA . Attendance £50/40,11am-5pm
Fri 4 Nov
Edinburgh Sound Journey, Edinburgh Sound Journey, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent, EH3 6NE, 7.30pm start, £15 payable on door.
Fri 18 Nov
Edinburgh Sound Journey, Edinburgh Sound Journey, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent, EH3 6NE, 7.30pm start, £15 payable on door.
Sun 20 Nov
Cauldrons of Creation – Singing Bowls Workshop, Peebles (see further info below), Space108, 1A Greenside Place, Peebles, EH45 8JA. Attendance £50/£40, 11am-5pm
Thu 24 Nov
Peebles Sound Journey, 
Peebles Sound Journey, Space108, 1A Greenside Place, Peebles, EH45 8JA. £15/£12 (discount for advance payment online – contact me for details)
Fri 2 Dec
Edinburgh Sound Journey, Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 6NE, 7.30pm start, £15 payable on door.
*** Advance Notice – Alba Sound Healing 6 day retreat and tour next March 2017!!! Planning a most incredible tour of ancient and sacred sites right to the top of Scotland, to Lewis and amazing places in between, all with us taking sound to these special places. more details to follow x
Sunday 30th October, Healing Your Voice workshop, 11-5pm, Space108, Peebles. Do you want to use your voice for healing, or incorporate it into therapies? Do you think you “can’t” sing? Would you like to strengthen your voice for confident speaking? All of these aims can be achieved through practicing nurturing breathwork techniques, exploring “sounding” and “toning” with your voice, and through building confidence in a safe and supportive atmosphere. This one day workshop will give you all that and more as we delve into the most powerful sound healing tool – the Voice, and it’s fun too! £50/40 conc. For booking please contact me or again visit the facebook page here:
Sunday 20 November, 11am-5pm, Cauldrons of Creation, Space108 Peebles.
How can these beautiful bowls be cauldrons of creation? How do we play them (different techniques included). How can we use them for myself, family, clients? Join me to have a wonderful day exploring the beautiful Tibetan Singing bowls, learning how to play them proficiently, mix them together, cleanse yourself, friends and space, and manifest intention. £50/40 conc. Facebook event to follow or contact me for further information.
Sound Journeys Description
Relax deeply, breathe slowly, rest and be nurtured in a healing soundscape. With rich and resonant Tibetan singing bowls, cleansing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls, gentle gongs, flute, gong and drum all bathing you in loving vibrations and guiding you a place of inner peace.
Please bring a mat, blanket and cushion for comfort and reserve your place in advance via facebook or 

Love and Oms 
Suzanne x

June 2016 Sound Journeys and Events

Hi there – apologies for the non-updated Events page! I changed server and it didn’t upload my latest version of the site.

The lovely Monthly Sacred Sound Journey continues in Edinburgh on the first Friday of the month with myself and Sharon Rossi. We have a beautiful and powerfulnew venue at Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent, Edinburgh. This is the facebook link to the event

St Marys

We begin at 7.30 and guests are invited to arrive from 7.15pm, bring a mat, cosy blanket and cushion for comfort. We will then nurture you in a delicious soundscape of Tibetan and Crsytal singing bowls, gentle gongs, powerful drum over your body and many other instruments woven together to bring you the best experience.

There are now also also monthly Sound Journeys in Peebles held in the wonderful Space108 and dates are published on facebook, via email or on here. There is not a regular day for these yet and they are hosted by myself and involve a sweet gathering, smudging and preparation before you are invited to lay down and rest. Please email for the latest dates.12771861_10153976518679241_4307495600015807502_o

And occasionally throughout the year myself and Anthar Kharana host Ceremonial Sound Journeys in Edinburgh. The two dates left for 2016 are Friday June 16 and Friday 2 September. Both of these will be held in the same venue (Broughton St Mary’s church) and involve a teaching from the animal guide (the nahual) for the day according to the original Mayan Calendar, and a ceremony at the beginning to call in the four corners. We then weave together a wonderful mix of sounds to again bring you the journey that you need. Please contact me if you would like to book on these. 

I am currently planning dates for July onwards for a series of workshops working with the Divine Feminine and Sound, the Hathors as well as an Introduction series including Learning to play Singing Bowls, Colour , Sound and the Chakras and Healing Through Voice. Please keep in touch for the latest events or join me on Facebook where I post the latest events regularly Suzy Nairn

Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound – begins March 2015

Today I am just sending out the confirmation letters for the first group of student on our Certificate Course which begins on Sat 21 March in Peebles, Scotland (there are still a few places available for anyone else interested!) Please email me for full course booklet and application form.

The Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound is a completely new course for the Sound Training community. Within its’ heart it aims to take participants on a deep and soulful journey leading to the ability:

* to create powerful and nurturing soundscapes

* to work with sound for themselves and within communities

* to incorporate sound into their existing therapies or work places

* to record and create their own recorded material

Bowl workshop 1

We will cover aspects of the theory and history of sound as a healing modality;  introduce participants to many sound healing tools such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, healing voice and overtone singing, as well as gongs, drum and percussion and a myriad of other instruments and sounds;  and share skills, techniques and knowledge to ensure that the students become proficient in the playing of these. Throughout the course students will explore the different ways these instruments can be used individually, or woven together for group work.

Subjects include:

Healing soundscapes ~ Dynamics ~ Harmonies and dissonance ~ Exploring different tools

Support for emotional release and challenges ~ Sound as an ancient medicine

Performance and holding the group space ~ Sacred space cleansing and preparation

 Assessment recordings ~ Preparation of self.

There is also some information here on the facebook page


New events and New premises!

Lots of events coming up! And a new premises in Peebles for Soundsphere – exciting times! If you would like more information please contact me for any of the events below or visit the facebook pages. Thanks x

Sound Journey (Edinburgh Fri 6 Feb and the first Friday every month), Kundalini Yoga and Sound Journey (Edinburgh Fri 20 Feb), Goddess Empowerment Through Sound (Edinburgh Sat 21 feb), Sound Journey Peebles sat 7 March), Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound (Peebles begins Sat 21 March). Links to each of the events here:

Fri 6 Feb
Fri 20 Feb: .
Sat 21 Feb: Certificate course: . No event yet for Peebles sound journey but coming soon or pm me to reserve a place x

Sound Journeys, Equinoxes, Divine VOICE, Cymatics and Sound, Goddess Empowerments

Hello and well my friends, it’s been a while since I sent such an exciting post with so may wonderful events coming up! Please take time to read and come along if you can to some of these events over the coming months x

Monthly Sacred Sound Journeys – Fridays 5 Sept, 3 Oct, 7 Nov, 5 Dec 2014 £10 on door


First Friday every month in Edinburgh, a beautiful evening to lay down and rest as myself and Sharon Rossi immerse you in a gentle journey in sound. Guests are invited to bring a blanket and cushion for comfort and reserve place in advance via email or the facebook event, Plus we even give you homemade cake and tea to help ground afterwards!!! 7.30-9pm (ish), Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh

EQUINOX SOUND WEEKEND with Suzanne and Anthar Kharana

Ceremonial Sound Journey, Fri 19 September 2014, 7.30-10pm, £15/£10. Abbeymount Centre, 2 Abbeymount, Edinburgh, EH8 8EJ

Join us for a Ceremonial Sound Journey where we will begin by a greeting to the four corners of the heart and be guided by the Nahual for the day, the animal medicine guides from the original Mayan calendar. Then rest deeply as you journey through a magical soundscape. Please reserve a place in advance via email.


Sound of the Equinox, Sat 20 September 2014. 10.30-4.30pm, £50/£40 adv. Abbeymount Centre, 2 Abbeymount, Edinburgh, EH8 8EJA powerful day to prepare ourselves for the return of winter through sound and ceremony. You will make your own candle for the months ahead and explore different sounds  for ceremony, cleansing and preparation. Booking via email thank you.

Equinox Celebration at Labyrinth. Sat 20 September – Labyrinth, Peebles, 8pm till dawnCelebrate and give thanks for the teachings and abundance of the year as our annual Autumn Equinox gathering in the hills of the Scottish Borders, at our beautiful labyrinth. This is a medicine legacy of the Americas which involves a full ceremony till dawn, where we bring offerings and prayers, and allow ourselves the time to journey inwards to return to the womb. By donation. Email or visit our facebook page for more information. With Anthar Kharana and Suzanne Harris

Wed 1 October 2014,  Divine VOICE  10am-5pm, Peebles. £50/£40 advance booking. Overtoning, Discovery, and the Divine Name…all in a one day exploration of your VOICE. Using Vocal Overtoning to Increase Core Energy (VOICE), you will learn a number of simple techniques to open and strengthen your voice, and use it to energise yourself and your life. Sharing and sounding the Divine Name, as released by Jonathan Goldman, we will immerse ourselves in the joy of harmonics and their healing power. Led by Suzanne Harris. Booking via this email or Suzanne 07875272571

Sun 2 November 2014, Cymatics, Sound and Vibration, £50/£45 members RBGE, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

As a mass of vibrating energy, the human body responds extremely well to sound when it is given incymatics a therapeutic way and with nurturing sound instruments. This one-day course introduces students to the use of sound as a therapy, gives teaching in how to use the instruments and gives the students an experience of a deep and relaxing sound journey. Led by Suzanne Harris. Booking via Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 0131 248 2937,

Sun 9 November Goddess Empowerment for Women through Sound. £60/40/20

With activation of the 4D higher Spiritual Chakras. The day will include:

  • Raising our vibration and consciousness.  Spiritual purpose.  Compassion.  Truth. Uncondtional love
  • Understanding. Balance of male and female energies. The goddess in me honours the goddess in you
  • Sacred sounds. Manifesting. All within nurturing sound context and supporting soundscapes.

Led by Claudia Gonvales and Suzanne Harris. Further info and booking via To book text Claudia on 07504 438 763

Equinox Sound Healing Retreat March 2014 on the lovely Isle of Arran

Well I am so excited to be sharing this wonderful event with you! A great start to 2014 and a new beginning of working deeper with sound and the land. We will be sharing on the wonderful Isle of Arran and exploring sound, healing and connecting with the sacred site at the Machrie standing stones.








This retreat offers the opportunity to become fully immersed in a powerful weekend of sound and tribal  healing arts that aims to give you a full experience, a connection with nature, as well as a lighthearted weekend with friends. The weekend will include an Opening Fire Ceremony, Sound Healing Workshops incorporating Voice, Bowls and Drum, a visit to the Machrie standing stones, Sound Journeys and Medicine Songs…all in a spirit of love, friendship and community.

The weekend will be hosted by Anthar Kharana from Colombia of Tribal Healing Sounds ( and Suzanne Harris from Scotland of Soundsphere. Further details on their work can be found on their websites. Anthar and Suzanne have been working together since 2007 sharing their soundwork and music with people all over the country.

VENUE: The venue for the weekend will be Corrie Bunkhouse in the village of Corrie on the beautiful Isle of Arran.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: Our group will be staying in the bunkhouse (dorm accommodation) which will be our base for the weekend. This is set high above the village with beautiful views over the land and sea. All meals will be provided throughout the retreat, from an evening meal on the Friday evening, to lunch on the Sunday. Meals will be provided in the communal area, and the menu will be vegetarian.

The weekend retreat price will include all sessions, plus accommodation and food. Your place will be confirmed on receipt of the deposit.

Friday: Guests are invited to arrive around 4-5pm on the Friday afternoon. This will allow you time to register and have an explore of the grounds before the evening meal around 6pm

Friday 8pm : Opening Fire ceremony. A chance for us all to gather around the fire and share a ceremony to support all the work we will be doing over the weekend.

Saturday: A wonderful full day of sound and land. Working with sound in deep and powerful ways, you will experience sound and sounding, and visit the Machrie standing stones where we will energise this sacred energy centre with our sound and intention. 

Saturday 9pm: Social fire gathering to share the medicine songs that we have learnt, plus anything else you would like to share – a poem, a song etc (optional)

Sunday: Developing from the work on day 1, we will continue to explore sound in different ways and how it can be used for your own self healing and for that of family and friends. Aim to finish in time for departure by 4pm.

Travel: Guest need to travel via the ferry from Ardossan harbour (you can leave your car here) or there is a good train service from Glasgow to the ferry port. Foot passengers do not need to book in advance and tickets are around £9 return. if bringing your car over to the island then you need to book in advance and costs around an extra £60. Visit for ferry times and look up Ardrossan – Brodick crossing.

To bring: Please bring waterproof clothing and walking boots, plus any drums, rattles, bowls you would like to include, plus towels for your own use. Bedding is provided.

Early Bird: If booked and deposit paid by 28 Feb 2014 – £180 (deposit £50)
Booking after 28 Feb 2014 – £195

Deposit £50. Full Payment required by 14 March 2014 -* Cancellation refunds can only be given after that date if we manage to fill your place.

Payment can be made by bank transfer and details will be sent once you register your interest via email

Newsletter Nov-Dec 13 and Colombian Retreat Jan 14.

Hello dear friends! Apologies as it’s been a while since I have updated the news section (I, um, forgot how to do it…) but now here is the latest events list for Nov – Dec 2013, plus an announcement of a wonderful Tribal Sound Healing retreat in Colombia in January 2014.


Fridays 1 Nov,  6 Dec and 9 Jan 14  – Monthly Sacred Sound Journey with Sharon Rossi and Suzanne Harris. – Relax deeply, breathe slowly, rest and be nurtured in a healing soundscape. With rich and resonant Tibetan singing bowls, cleansing sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls, gentle gongs, flute and drum all bathing you in loving vibrations and guiding you a place of inner peace. Held on the first Friday every month in the Theosophical Society, 28 Great King St, Edinburgh, the evening includes a one hour sound journey followed by grounding tea and home-made cake! Please bring a blanket and cushion. £10 on the door, please reserve place in advance.

Sunday 3 November: Cymatics, Sound and Vibration. 11-5pm. – As a mass of vibrating energy, the human body responds extremely well to sound when it is given in a therapeutic way and with nurturing sound instruments. Enjoy being immersed for the day and learn to use different instruments and techniques. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, £50.Booking Tel RBGE 0131 148 2937 or email

Fri 15 Nov (last one till Spring 2014!)- Ceremonial Sound Journeys with Anthar Kharana and Suzanne Harris – Taking the sound journey and adding a little more, these evenings begin with a greeting to the four corners of the heart and reflecting on an aspect of the sacred medicine wheel. Please reserve in advance and bring a blanket and cushion for comfort. Hosted by Anthar Kharana and Suzanne Harris. 7.30-10pm. Abbeymount Centre, Abbeymount, Edinburgh £12.

Suzanne drumSaturday 16 November – Spirit of the Drum – This one day workshop will help you to connect deeply with the drum through: exploring healing rhythms; treatment techniques for using with friends and family; and sharing with medicine songs.*Please bring your own drum or let us know if you need to borrow one. Suitable for beginners as well as those with some experience. Abbeymount centre, Edinburgh. With Anthar Kharana and Suzanne Harris. Advance £50 (£60 on day). 

TRIBAL SOUND HEALING RETREAT IN COLOMBIA, JANUARY 2014! – This 2 week retreat will bring you to the second most diverse country in the world, Colombia! Three different magical locations including mountains and deserts in the centre of the country and a sacred beach in a paradise with warm sea and jungle in the Caribbean coast. I went on this trip last year and it was simply beautiful. Sacred walks, ceremonies, instrument making, soundwork…I can’t recommend it highly enough. It was deeply healing and transformational in a beautiful country and we were all held safely in the mothers arms. My favourite bit was visiting the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the heart of the world:)  Please contact me if you would like to know more, or visit Anthar’s website


NewsletterDear Friends, here is the latest newsletter for the Soundsphere events from October – December 2013

Lots of lovely sound journeys and workshops.

Please email us to book and we look forward to seeing you at some of these :) xxx


Two beautiful events coming up for the Spring Equinox weekend, plus there are also the regular monthly Sacred Sound Journeys on Fri 1 March or Fri 6 April in Edinburgh. Please click on the attached fliers for details of the Equinox Ceremonial Sound Journey with myself and Anthar Kharana (Friday 15 March in Edinburgh) and the Wheel of Animal Voice workshop on Sat 16 March 13 in Peebles at the Golden Leaf centre.

Equinox journey 15 march 13

The Wheel of Animal Voice_2013_A