Cauldrons of Creation 15th Sept 2018 Bowl Workshop

The beauty and mesmorising sound of the Tibetan singing bowls can take you to a place of deep relaxation and healing. They are ancient tools with a fascinating history and can be used to help carry our intentions, cleanse space and bring harmony and restoration.

crop kailzieHave you ever wondered how to play them? How you can use them for your own health and relaxation? Or simply would you like to enjoy a day of playing and creating gentle soundscapes?

On this one day workshop participants will:
* Learn the history of the bowls, their creation stories, and discover the many kinds that are around
* Experience numerous singing bowl relaxation/meditations
* Learn how to play the bowls exploring different techniques such as singing, gonging and waa waa
*Enjoy the sensations of bowls on different parts of the body
* Work in pairs to practice using the bowls to cleanse auras and balance chakras
* Try some of the lovely new range of bowls for sale



The workshop will be held in my lovely magic Yurt Casa Colibri and is limited to 6 people initially. Participants are invited to bring:
– any singing bowls you have (optional as not required as I have plenty!) 
– food to share
– bottle of water

The exchange for the day is £60 per person and bookings will be confirmed on receipt of a £20 deposit.

Some beautiful singing bowls will also be available on the day for sale

For any further information or to book your place please contact me via the facebook event Cauldrons of Creation or email or 07875 272571

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