Ceremonial Sound Journey Fri 31st August 2018

***Extra date for August! Please join us for our special ANSU sound journey and last one for Suzy and Anthar Kharana one for this year in Scotland (back in spring 2019). The monthly sound journeys continue after this on the first Friday every month – so the next one will be 7th Sept with Suzy and Sharon Rossi at 7.30pm
Join Anthar Kharana and Suzy Nairn for a wonderful evening of sound held within a ceremonial context in Edinburgh. Join us to reflect on an aspect of life related to the animal medicine wheel according to the original Mayan calendar. Be led in a greeting to the four corners of the heart, and a call to the ancestors to guide us in the journey through sound. Then rest deeply as a powerful healing and nurturing soundscape is skillfully created to support your journey and supported during and afterwards. 
Anthar and Suzy of the ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts have been working in sound and music for many years and this evening will be held at the lovely Broughton St Mary’s Church, Bellevue Crescent in Edinburgh, EH3 6NE 

Guests are invited to reserve their places via email or the Ceremonial Sound Journey facebook event.

Payments for £20 can be made on the door on the evening and doors will open at 6.45pm.

A beautiful selection of instruments and sacred jewellery will also be for sale on the evening.

Please bring water, a blanket, cushion and mat (we have some rag rugs to borrow) for lying down with, plus a bottle of water. You may wish to bring an eye mask also. *No nylon sleeping bags please or if lying on nylon camping mat please cover with a blanket.

The ANSU School of Sound and Tribal Healing Arts was formerly established in 2013 by Anthar and Suzy after years of studying and working together. The School now runs an annual Certicate in Creative Therapeutic Sound in Communities alongside supportive events such as sound journeys, informal workshops and fire ceremonies. The course aims to produce highly skilled and sensitive sound healers who are able to deliver nurturing and supportive sound journeys within schools, hospitals, care homes, private groups, specialist centres. Students can also study the course for their own personal development and on copletiogn of the course are also eligible to study the ANSU Diploma relating to 1:1 Sound healing treatments.


ANTHAR KHARANA is native from a land of warriors in the north of Colombia called Ocaña the land of the Hacaritama people. He is a guardian of the sacred fire and medicines of the Americas, guided and supported by wise Elders from his homeland from an early age. He is also a music composer and sound healing practitioner. 

As a Sundancer he carries the Chanupa (peace pipe) and Inipi (sweat lodge) medicines from the linage of Leonard Crow Dog and became one of the Sons of the alliance of the Eagle and Condor, a New Nation united by the agreement of the Elders of the North and South America to become One. Anthar has been ordered as a Spiritual leader of the Pachamama Native American Church to continue spreading the word worldwide. 

Over the last 15 Years Anthar has been traveling and sharing the wisdom of the Sacred Fire and Ancestral Sound and its relation to the Plant and Animal Kingdom Medicine. He leads traditional ceremonies, sound journeys, conferences, workshops, concerts, therapies and retreats in different countries around the world including, Colombia, Chile, England, Scotland, 
Wales, Ibiza, Bali-Indonesia, Poland, Portugal, France and Italy among others.

As a composer and multi-instrumentalist Anthar has created different Albums of inspirational music and is an active composer for different international dance and theatre companies including Protein Dance, Sinman Dance, Vocab Dance and Fashion for Conservation.

He is the Director of TRIBAL SOUND HEALING in the UK and Colombia and co-director of ANSU School of Sound & Tribal Healing Arts. 

SUZY NAIRN (Scotland) is the founder of Soundsphere in Scotland. Suzy has worked in environmental education and charity work for many years, whilst also exploring the nature of reality, singing and the power of voice as a healing tool. She graduated from Queen Margaret’s University in Edinburgh with a BA in Communication Studies, focussing her final year project on Music and The Communication of Emotions. Whilst studying to become a Sound Therapist, Suzy’s main focus was on the voice and specifically the effects of overtoning. During this time Suzy also trained and delivered successful Kindermusik classes for children and loves to share her passion for sound with all ages of the community. Now working full-time with Soundsphere, Suzy offers 1:1 Sound Therapy treatments, workshops, voice tuition and retreats in Peebles, Scottish Borders, alongside sound journeys and workshops for public and private groups all over Scotland. Whilst working privately as a Sound Therapist, Suzy has continued to explore different healing methods, and has trained in Reiki, intuitive development, Merlin Vortex healing, Moon Priestess work, and shamanic practices. www.soundsphere.org.uk

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