Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound – begins March 2015

Today I am just sending out the confirmation letters for the first group of student on our Certificate Course which begins on Sat 21 March in Peebles, Scotland (there are still a few places available for anyone else interested!) Please email me for full course booklet and application form.

The Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound is a completely new course for the Sound Training community. Within its’ heart it aims to take participants on a deep and soulful journey leading to the ability:

* to create powerful and nurturing soundscapes

* to work with sound for themselves and within communities

* to incorporate sound into their existing therapies or work places

* to record and create their own recorded material

Bowl workshop 1

We will cover aspects of the theory and history of sound as a healing modality;  introduce participants to many sound healing tools such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, healing voice and overtone singing, as well as gongs, drum and percussion and a myriad of other instruments and sounds;  and share skills, techniques and knowledge to ensure that the students become proficient in the playing of these. Throughout the course students will explore the different ways these instruments can be used individually, or woven together for group work.

Subjects include:

Healing soundscapes ~ Dynamics ~ Harmonies and dissonance ~ Exploring different tools

Support for emotional release and challenges ~ Sound as an ancient medicine

Performance and holding the group space ~ Sacred space cleansing and preparation

 Assessment recordings ~ Preparation of self.

There is also some information here on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/1544912325790259/


2 thoughts on “Certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound – begins March 2015

  1. Loretta lunch

    Hi Suzy. I am trying to book place for your group session s for myself and a friend.. Have you got your dates for February scheduled? So I can book please.

    Kind Regards.

    1. Suzanne Harris Post author

      Hi Loretta :) The next Edinburgh session is tomorrow 6 jan or then its the first friday of the month thereafter so 3 feb for Edinburgh. Would you like to book in for either of those? X


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