Sharing healing sounds through concerts and performances is also a wonderful part of Soundsphere. The concerts can be quite meditative and uplifting.

ANSU – is the collaborative project of Suzanne Harris and Anthar Kharana. They have been working together since 2007 and enjoy sharing their workshops and concerts with people all over the country.

“Everything that comes to you, comes to teach you.”

ANSU have produced two (2) CD’s so far :

Sonic Womb” is a beautiful sound journey recorded live in Corrie on the Isle of Arran. The journey is designed to support a nurturing and awakening experience of sound as you are immersed in the Sonic Womb and then re-born.

Track 3 – Waters of Life – Sonic Womb

Waters of Life

Sales of Sonic Womb support the charities the Teenage Cancer Trust UK and The Tambore Foundation (link). CD’s can be purchased for £10 + P&P by contacting




Songs of the Chakras. A collection of inspired eclectic chant to balance and stimulate the energetic chakra system of the body. Performed with a healing intention for the listener, the chants and sounds have been woven together to create one piece of music. The recordings came from a series of improvisations within sacred spaces in Scotland such a Dryburgh Abbey, Traquair House Chapel, St Peter’s Church in Peebles and the Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh.