***Special Offer on Treatments for May 2012***

It’s a while since I’ve done a special offer on 1:1 treatments and since we are having such rotten weather, I thought this might cheer you up! For the whole of May I am offering a 25% discount on private treatments at Soundsphere in Peebles. These sessions are immensely powerful, supportive and deeply nurturing. They can help with all manner of illnesses or just as a treat for yourself. First session lasts 90 mins (including consultation), following sessions around 75 mins. Special offer, just £30 Star Email info@soundsphere.org.uk or call 07875 272571 to book x
Some words from previous clients:
“The different sounds affected my body and mind, some being very gentle, some very dramatic with vibrations filling my body almost to the point of shaking; some stimulating visual effects with colours, lights and symbols; feeling with some that I was drinking the note in wishing it not to end.”
“Amazing experience” “I have never experienced anything like it, totally wonderful” “The most relaxed I have ever felt”
“My sleep patterns have definitely improved” “My back pain has completely gone”
“I feel a greater sense of balance and ability to cope with life”
“Very powerful” I have trained in several healing therapies myself, but I feel that the sound healing gave me the most profound experience.
“I felt totally energised afterwards” I felt very relaxed after the treatments, much different to how I went in.

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