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Divine, Gongs, Drums, Journeys and Retreats!

Here is some further information on the latest events coming up
Wednesday 22 February. Talk: Sound of the Divine. (Part of the Middle Eastern Festival for Spirituality and Peace
How does the divine name sound? Jonathan Goldman has recently released the true sounding of the name of God into human consciousness, after allegedly being removed from religious texts over 2,300 years ago. This mini talk and workshop will be an exploration into this sound. Working with our voices, breath and intention to deeply experience the sound of the divine name, we aim to discover how it affects us, what mystery it holds, and how it can be used productively. The evening will be presented by Scottish Sound Therapist Suzanne Harris who has been working with Jonathan Goldman on the teaching of this sound. See:
Venue: Edinburgh Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QH.
Time: 7pm-9pm. Cost: £10/£8 (Concessions). Contact: Suzanne Harris, 07875 272571

Friday 24 February: Planetary Gong Bath.  (Part of the Middle Eastern Festival for Spirituality and Peace 
Be immersed in the power of the gong during this deeply relaxing and energising evening. As you lay down, the powerful frequencies from the planetary gongs will create layer upon layer of tones that cocoon you in an envelope of relaxing and potentially healing and transformational sounds. The gong is believed to have originated in Mesopotamia during the Bronze Age, and some say “it transports them to different realms.” The evening will be delivered by experienced Practitioners of Sound Therapy from the British Academy of Sound Therapy, Suzanne Harris and Helen Harris who has also trained with Gong Master Don Conreaux. See:
Venue: Edinburgh Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QH. Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm. 
Cost: £12. Please bring a blanket and cushion.Contact: Suzanne Harris, 07875 272571

Saturday March 18th: Meet the Happy Drum!
Throughout the ages the drum has been used as a tool of connection, communication and celebration. In Colombia the main drum, Alegre or Happy Drum, has a particular tradition and is historically made from a sacred tree called Ceiba. During the day you will learn about their history, their use in modern day, and join a drum circle where you will learn to play patterns. Some djembe drums will be available to borrow or please bring your own. Suitable for beginners as well as those with  some experience. Led by RBGE scientist James Richardson and Colombian ethnic-musician Anthar Kharana. 10.30-5pm, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. £50/£45. Booking via RBGE 0131 248 2937

Equinox Ceremonial Sound Journeys

* Friday 16 March 2012, 7.30pm, £10
Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh

* Saturday 17 March 2012, 7.30pm, £10
Silver Tree Studio, Pennels Close, High St, Peebles 

Sound Journeys are an opportunity to experience the power of sound in a collective context, allowing you to be immersed by deep and powerful soundscapes. They can guide an inner journey and help amplify the vision of life in the wider scale, plus they offer a deep relaxing experience, yet are energising and grounding.
Please bring a blanket and cushion for your own comfort.

Hosted by Suzanne Harris and Anthar Kharana  (Soundsphere & Tribal Sound Healing)
Reservations via Suzanne 07875 272571 or

Love Suzanne Rainbow

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